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I fucking HATE clickbait headlines.

Now, having said that, the reason why I hate them is that they are manipulative and insult my, and your, intelligence.

Yes I want to read it, that's what they are designed to do. And everytime I click on a link like that they make me feel bad for that very reason.

It's not me making this choice to click on it, it's not me who thinks that might be interesting and it's not me who wants to read the content. It's my brain getting tricked into thinking this is going to be interesing.
So please, please, stop writing headlines like that.

Pando might think traditional headline ("dullsville") style is boring, but they are not. They just require the reader to maybe stop for a split second, think and reflect about what you just read and then decide. Something more and more people are unwilling or uncapable of doing, so it seems.

From this day forward I'm going to assume that there is no useful content in an article that uses deceits like that and/or the author of is uncapable of writing a compelling story and can't get you to read it any other way.

I've pledged to never click on a clickbait link again and you should too.

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