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Licenses are a real pain in the ass.
Many are not what I'd call human readable and they sometimes make me feel like I'm sourounded by dicks.
As a website that exists to display user generated content, why do I need to ask for permission to distribute said content when the user uploads something? I feel like this should be implied...
And distributing is a too broad term that can lead to confusion. When I ask for permission to distribute models on Techne Online, what I'm really asking is if it's ok for me to host the models and display them on the website.
As if setting a visibility level and choosing a license isn't deliberate enough to implicitly grant me that right.
Rant over.

With the new Techne website there is now the possibility/requirement to select a license when you upload your model.

Creative Commons

Creative commons are a great set of licenses that give you good control what you want you want to allow.
All of them require others to attribute the original creator. Then you can add a copyleft (share-alike), meaning any deritive work must also be licensed under the same license. Non-commercial clause, prohibiting the use of your work in commercial products and lastly, you can prohibit making derivatives of your work.
More about cc: http://creativecommons.org


One of my favorites, the DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO license.
It's succing and it's clear in its purpose.
You can read about it here: http://www.wtfpl.net/


No license means noone can do anything. Noone is allowed to download, noone is allowed to distribute or use the model as a base and go from there.


Whatever you choose, choose wisely.
On Techne Online I've set the default to CC-BY-NC. Everyone can use your model as long as you are not making money off it.


I'm not a lawyer and none of the above is legal advice.