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Now that the new website has finally launched I want to share some of my future goals for the editor with you.


I want the editor to be ready to replace the old version of Techne.
Right now T2 supports almost every feature T1 does and has some exclusive ones.
Things I have to get done before I release it as standalone include

  • Some UI refinements
  • Java exporter
  • Make the texture-mapper snap to integers when dragging.

Which isn't all that much, but still enough.
After that's done I already have a list of things I want to do.

  • Making controls work by clicking and dragging them
  • Plugins
  • Smooth camera controls
  • Possibly invert the controls

And for the future

  • Animation support
  • Multiplayer support
  • Auto-save

If you have anything you want to see added to that list, head over to Bitbucket and create a new issue.

In a future post I'll talk about things I want to do for the website.
So long.